Confidence in Christ

Ep. 12: Kate Berkey / Bravely Following Christ

September 07, 2022 Kala Yoder Season 1 Episode 12
Confidence in Christ
Ep. 12: Kate Berkey / Bravely Following Christ
Show Notes

Brave. Bold. Fearless. 

These are the words we use to describe things in the world, but are they words we use to describe how we walk in Christ every day? Today’s guest is Kate Berkey, a blogger, author and pursuer of Jesus who recently wrote a book all about this topic. ‘A place called Braverly’ is a charge for the women of God to live brave, dream bravely and influence bravery because the Father created them to be women of courage. She is an advocate for helping us each realize that we were created for more, that we can live brave, bold lives if we anchor ourselves to God. 

This conversation will leave you eager to claim who God has called you to be and to walk in that purpose. We chat about her time at Braverly (it’s an actual place!) in Thailand and the work God has been doing currently in her own life, help refugees in the states. 

One of my very favorite parts of this chat is when we dive into Bible stories that you will recognize but you’ve never heard them unpacked in this way before, it’s going to be an eye opener for sure! 

I had so much fun talking to Kate and I’m sure she will be a return guest! 

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